Pharmacy Services

What Is the Pharmacy Services Program? Why Should I Enroll?

The Pharmacy Services Program is an associate degree program developed to train the technicians required by drug companies, drug production laboratories or drug sales agencies, providing them with all kinds of information about drugs. Graduates will have the ability to meet customers’ requests, and to inform them about the effects of drugs as well as how to take them.

Why Should I Join the Pharmacy Services Program at Cappadocia University?

Cappadocia University aims to produce reputable, qualified graduates with a broad range of knowledge of the field, and who can apply this knowledge in both the public and private sectors. The University channels its resources with this objective in mind, and takes the necessary steps to provide an optimum level of education. Since the curriculum taught in the Pharmacy Services Program is similar to that of other associate degree healthcare programs in our University, both the physical resources used, including the tools, equipment and laboratories, etc., and the academicians teaching the classes, are of the highest level in terms of quantity and quality.

What Job Opportunities are Open to Graduates of the Pharmacy Services Program?

In pharmaceutical business, it is the medical technicians who prepare and provide the drugs prescribed by physicians, that inform patients about how to take the prescribed drugs, that prepare magistral drugs under the supervision of a pharmacist, that store drugs under appropriate conditions and that keep the required records.

They can find work in laboratories, in the drug sector and in drug warehouses, as well as in the pharmacies of public or university hospitals, private pharmacies, drug production companies and drug sales agencies.

What Personal Traits Do I Need to Study in the Pharmacy Services Program?

  • To be alert and to act responsibly,
  • To be patient and meticulous while working,
  • To put patient safety first,
  • To have efficient communication skills,
  • To have cooperation and teamwork skills.

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