Child Development

What is Child Development Program? Why Should I Study?

The objective of the Child Development Program is to train “child development professionals” who are equipped with both theoretical and hands-on training programs, support all developmental areas (mental, language, psycho-motor, social-emotional, self-care) of 0-6 year-old children, both normally developed ones and in need of special education, and who can guide the child, family and society. Within the scope of education reform, it is aimed to increase the enrollment rate in preschool education to hundred percent, and in the short term, the need for instructor assistants is expected to increase exponentially while achieving this goal.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Child Development (Associate Degree) Program should have?

  • To understand children's behavior and imagination,
  • To enjoy spending time with children,
  • To have effective communication skills and emotional intelligence,
  • To be interested in psychology,
  • To have a patient and compassionate character.

Why should I study Child Development Program at Cappadocia University?

Our students study the Montessori method as well as classical education methods in the Child Development Application Center operating in this direction and after their two years of education, they graduate as Child Development Professionals who know skills-oriented educational approaches and foreign language teaching methods.

Cappadocia University’s Ürgüp and Nevşehir Child Development Application and Research Centers, which host hands-on training parts of the program, are the institutions of our region serving with the Montessori education approach. Moreover, Cappadocia University’s Nevşehir Child Development Research Center, is the only kindergarten in Turkey, built according to Montessori architecture.

What do the Graduates of Child Development Program Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Our graduates can work as preschool education professional in nursery and day nurseries affiliated to MoNE, group educator in special education and rehabilitation centers, child development professional within DGCS, designer in children's publications and toy sector, preschool education professional in in large touristic facilities such as resorts, sports complexes, children's clubs; can teach the course as assistant instructors in private schools, in the children's room of the hospital; paid tutors in public schools.

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