Dental Prosthetics Technology

What is Dental Prosthetics Technology Program? Why Should I Study?

Dental Prosthesis Technicians are healthcare professionals who carry out all the steps related to the production of dental and jaw prostheses under the guidance of the dentists. Dental Prosthesis Technicians, who are valuable members of the oral and dental health team working in the laboratories, prepare the “models” based on the mouth measurements taken by dentists, shape the prostheses, reproduce them by casting and make them suitable for use in the mouth. Dental Prosthetic Technician is considered as a profession where technology meets art.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Dental Prosthetics Technology Program should have?

  • To be careful, patient, meticulous and responsible,
  • To be inclined to cooperation and teamwork,
  • To have manual dexterity to use sensitive tools
  • To have an aesthetic and artistic perspective,
  • To be free of severe eye defect,
  • Having a high dexterity and aesthetic perspective.

Why should I study Dental Prosthetics Technology Program at Cappadocia University?

Cappadocia Vocational School Dental Prosthetics Technology Program has a fully equipped training laboratory with its instruments and equipment. Students work by performing the demonstrative applications simultaneously with the video system. The quality and efficiency of the education is very high, because it is possible to perform the applications one by one with the support of the chief technician accompanying the educators.

What do the Graduates of Dental Prosthetics Technology Program Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

The needs of each patient are different. Each solution must be patient specific. The work of dental prosthesis technicians is both very diverse and complex and requires an aesthetic view as well as manual skills. It is the duty of dental prosthesis technicians to ensure that the prostheses look aesthetic as well as being functional. Graduates of the program can work in dental prosthesis laboratories in the private sector, can be appointed with the title of "technician" in the public sector and can open their own laboratories.

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