Student Clubs

Cappadocia University believes that student participation in national-international professional competitions increases their self-confidence. There are 27 student clubs operating in various fields within the University. In addition to organizing cultural and sporting activities, the clubs ensure the strengthening of the bonds between our University and society through the social responsibility projects they carry out.

The Student Council, elected annually by the student body, communicates the opinions of students on educational matters, sports and cultural needs to the governing bodies of the University.

Student Clubs



German-Speaking Club

Focuses on Germany and German culture; improves the German language proficiency of its members.

English Conversation Club (The Chatterbox Society):

Aims to improve English language skills through such activities as films, plays and theater performances in English

Equestrian Sports Club

Organizes activities in equestrian sports activities in the Cappadocia region and the country; organizes seminars, and promotes equitation.

Mountaineering and Cycling Club

Organizes cycling, skiing and snowboard tours with expert cycling and ski leaders.

Dance Club

Introduces students to various dance categories, and enables students to practice.

Nature Club

Organizes all nature sports activities of our University, especially trekking.

Thought Workshop Club

Organizes book-reading activities, poetry readings and debates to develop students intellectually.

Photography and Cinema Club

Organizes trainings and seminars on basic photography and short films.

Young TEMA Club

Carries out joint studies with the TEMA Foundation to raise awareness among young people about nature and the prevention of erosion.

Volunteers’ Club

Conducts studies that allow students to socialize and develop an awareness of responsibility by spending their free time engaged in voluntary activities.

Hezarfen Aviation Club

Organizes seminars with experts in the aviation sector and arranges technical trips

International Students’ Club

Informs our School’s students about international student exchange programs and supports the adaptation processes of foreign students in our School.

MayDanozZ Social Activities Club

Organizes entertaining social activities, such as games, shows and tournaments.

Kitchen Friends Culinary Club

Organizes trainings and seminars focused on the art of cooking and the preparation of food.

Music Club

Enables students with musical talent to come together and live the stage experience.

Pixel Gamers Club

Introduces e-sports to our School, organizes tournaments in the field of e-sports and participates in competitions with School teams.

Psychology Club “Pusula (Compass)”

Provides information in the field of psychology, promotes psychology and its sub-branches, organizes activities for students of the psychology department and other students interested in science of psychology.

Social Responsibility Club

Conducts joint activities with health and social aid organizations

Theater Club

Provides basic drama training, arranges plays and introduces our students to the world of theater.

Club for Culture of the Turkish World

Organizes seminars with experts to raise awareness of Turkish history.

Jade Personal Development and Healthy Life Club

Organizes seminars about personal development and healthy living with experts in the field.

Happy Bodies Club

Organizes meetings to raise awareness of students and society about healthy nutrition, and carries out appropriate activities in this regard.

Young LÖSEV Club

Provides information to our School’s students about the activities of LÖSEV and what can be done to prevent leukemia and cancer, and organizes seminars and conferences for this purpose.

Colorful Roof Club

Encourages empathy and tolerance among the students of our University by breaking prejudices.

Culture and Discussion Club

A cultivated discussion environment where students can improve their ability to express their opinions.

Ataturkist Thought Club

Carries out activities to teach young people about Atatürk's principles and revolutions.

Young Kızılay (Red Crescent) Club

Informs students about the activities of Red Crescent, explains the importance of being a blood donor to students and organizes blood donation drives.

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