Cappadocia University is a young university admitting its first students in 2017. Nevertheless, it is built on the solid foundations of dynamic, progressive and innovative past experiences of Cappadocia Vocational College, to implement academic and vocational education under one roof.

As Alev Alatlı, the founder and the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, once remarked that ranking as any university among the others was not the case. The issue is to manage to become a higher education institution well equipped enough to rehabilitate the imperfect secondary education victims, to cater for their shortcomings, to improve their unprocessed talents.

The nucleus institution, Cappadocia Vocational College founded in 2005 with only five programs and 67 students, outgrew by time to meet the increasing needs of business life to provide well qualified workforce for civil aviation and health sectors as well as sectors related to the development of the area where the school was first established, currently to include 30 programs. The school was further expanded with the establishment of a new campus in İstanbul, the first of its kind, to be located inside Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, to comprise programs mainly related to civil aviation.

With the enrichment of teaching programs and research and application centers following the foundation of this young university, new departments and faculties were established and new premises were either built or transformed to meet the demands of growing number of students and academic staff.

Buildings and facilities encompass Cappadocia Vocational College, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, School of Applied Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Graduate School in four campuses in two cities to provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students.

The research and development activities are currently carried out in application and research centers which have been increasing in number in the course of time since the very early days, namely Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, Hot Air Balloon and Airship, Continuing Education, Child Development, Environmental Humanities, Smart Materials, Social and Strategic Studies, First Aid Training, Cappadocia Studies, Physical Therapy and Healthy Life, Oral and Dental Health.

Cappadocia University appeared on the 2019 Greenmetric List of universities, ranking seventh among private universities in Turkey and 392nd among the 780 most environmental universities in the World. The university will keep on contributing to social development and universal values, preserving global and cultural heritage and leading social support projects in the region.

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