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Universities have for centuries been the keystones of the progress achieved by humanity, and will continue to be so into the future. What makes a university special is its structure, in which each and every student should be encouraged to determine their individual preferences while on their personal adventure for their quest for truth. This adventure is a part of the journey of lifelong learning, and also is the determinant of the next stages of human life.

Here in Cappadocia University, we are proud to be part of this important and memorable learning adventure. The Cappadocia family works day and night to transform the sine qua non qualities of reasoning, care, responsibility, awareness, imagination and creativity into a campaign of total enlightenment by drawing upon the guidance of our conscientious and competent academic staff.

In this day and age, when knowledge is the most fundamental determinant of success, we strive to maintain education without sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity. To this end, we have always kept in mind the starting point of our adventure, which was the importance of truth, away from the banality of populism and cultural dehumanization, and our refusal make concessions in educational standards. The greatest challenge to education around the world is the broad chasm that exists between sophisticated nano-engineering at one end, and the times table at the other, which for some reason cannot be memorized.

The provision of theoretical education over practical training has always been an issue in the international academic community, while research and development competes with vocational education and on the job training – usually to the disadvantage of both. What makes this gap dangerous for society, however, is that it feeds the standard erosion of education and transforms it into a consumption commodity. The result is a trap of mediocre education, which is a trap we refuse to fall into at Cappadocia University.

At Cappadocia University, we read the world well. We follow economic as well as political developments and trends assiduously. We are well versed in the current leading international education systems, as well as those that need to be improved. Our school is building on 12 years of highly successful vocational education experience, in which we have accumulated an excellent knowledge of the fields in which we offer programs, and to this end, we keep abreast of the needs and requirements of the current business world, industry, government and academia, and all related actors and decision makers.

Given our particular concern with the shortcomings and needs of global education programs, we are able to assess the quality of our programs and educational activities, and as a result, our curricula have been organized and tested down to the finest detail in accordance with our quality policy, with associate, undergraduate and graduate education provided by renowned experts in their respective fields.

Cappadocia University will continue to pioneer innovative approaches, technologies, and regional and national economic dynamics in all her faculties and vocational schools.

In the 21st century, we will do our best for our region, and for our friends and cognates.

Young scientists, artists and opinion leaders – the men and women who will change the world for the better – will continue to emerge out of Cappadocia, the 10.000-year-old campus.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar

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