Continuing Education Research Center

Founded in July 2014, the Cappadocia CEC organizes training programs, courses, seminars and conferences within the scope of lifelong learning. Cappadocia CEC contributes to the personal, social, and professional development of individuals in Cappadocia through the provision of educational programs for people of all ages and professions, and also provides vocational training for companies operating especially in the aviation sector.

The Cappadocia CEC offers the University's experience to the service sector, provides in-service training and conducts certification studies. The CEC is specialized in aircraft technical training and runs courses for aircraft maintenance personnel, while also organizing English language proficiency examinations for them. The Cappadocia CEC also trains ground services personnel.


Having undergone training in institutions authorized by local or international authorities, such as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) is a prerequisite for a career in the aircraft maintenance sector. In the aircraft maintenance training sector, Cappadocia University has all the necessary authorizations of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority for the training of A1 Turbo-Aircraft Line Maintenance Personnel, A2 Piston Aircraft Line Maintenance Personnel, B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (Mechanical) and B2 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (Avionics).


The Cappadocia CEC conducts English language proficiency examinations for air vehicle maintenance personnel under the SHT-66L-HS directive issued by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority, and issues approved certificates to successful candidates.

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