Environmental Health

What Is the Environmental Health Program? Why Should I Enroll?

The Environmental Health Program is an associate degree program that has been developed to train environmental technicians who can work in coordination with professionals serving in other fields with the aim of protecting all kinds of natural resources, making the environment more beneficial to human health and taking the required steps with this objective in mind.

Why Should I Join the Environmental Health Program at Cappadocia University?

Cappadocia University has a medical laboratory in which the practical components of the Microbiology, Biochemistry, Public Health, Environmental Health, Parasitology, Sterilization, Hygiene and Sanitation courses are given under associate degree programs in healthcare. Furthermore, there is also a Pathology-Genetics Laboratory that is used to manage pathological waste, and to analyze the environmental factors that can affect the genetic structure and health of plants, animals, humans and bacteria.

The program is taught by lecturers and academicians who work in the Department of Public Health, and in the fields of Medical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Biology, which gives our students the ability to begin their careers as fully equipped graduates.

What Job Opportunities are Open to Graduates of the Environmental Health Program?

Environmental health technicians are responsible for identifying, assessing and resolving environmental problems. They carry out various studies supporting the prevention of environmental pollution. They are further responsible for collecting water, soil, waste and animal material samples, transferring and documenting them, and checking whether the applied procedures are in accordance with legislation. They investigate environmental factors that help eliminate infectious diseases, and conduct rehabilitation studies. They measure air pollution, and check the hazardous waste produced by industry. They also assess potable and domestic waters (both ground and surface), collect samples from food products, and examine the samples, or have them examined. Finally, they disinfect water bodies, and detect free chlorine in disinfected waters.

Graduates of the Environmental Health Program can work in a variety of institutions, including the Provincial Directorates of the Environment and Urbanization, Public Health Laboratories, the relevant units of municipalities, the relevant units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Provincial Directorates of Food and Agriculture, and all branch hospitals and other public hospitals.

What Personal Traits Do I Need to Study Environmental Health?

  • Sensitivity to environmental problems,
  • An interest in environmental health-related matters,
  • An interest in, and a good understanding of biology and chemistry,
  • Eager to carry out research and make analyses in such topics as natural resources and human health,
  • Attentive and organized,
  • Aware of the fact that environmental health is a multidisciplinary field,
  • The ability to work as part of a team.

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