Medical Documentation and Secretarial

What is Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program? Why Should I Study?

Medical Secretaries are healthcare personnel who keep track of the service provided in health institutions and carry out the communication and correspondence works required by medical procedures. It can be described as a profession that has the nature of an office job. Individuals who graduate from this department can work in public and private health institutions by obtaining the title of medical documentation professional.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program should have?

  • To communicate well,
  • To be meticulous, careful, patient and responsible,
  • To have computer skills,
  • To have the ability to organize business activities
  • To comply with protocol rules,
  • To keep secrets,
  • To have the ability to establish the cause-effect relationship between events, 
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation.

Why should I study Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program at Cappadocia University?

Cappadocia Vocational School Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program ensures that its students are fully equipped by participating in the business life with its curriculum containing the most up-to-date information and prepares them for the future by teaching them how to learn.

What do the Graduates of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Program graduates can work in public health institutions, private hospitals and health institutions. In addition to hospitals, medical documentation and secretarial program graduates work in medical software companies, ambulance companies, private practices and businesses dealing with the sales and promotion of medical equipment.

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