From Our Chairman

It is no secret that there is an ill wind in the 21st Century that is not blowing well for anybody... and if we are to negotiate the coming storms successfully, we need to urgently rethink our concept of higher education.

Curricula that fail to meet the requirements of the 21st century will leave our young people inadequate and unprepared, and an academia that begrudges intellectual depth encourages banality, while mediocracy extorts and robs students of a better future.

In Cappadocia, we remain fully aware of the fact that the current global problems cannot be resolved by the same kind of thinking that created them; and that a higher education system that falls short of perpetuating the universal heritage will bring no returns.

Higher education is not designed to entertain students and keep them happy; neither should it be a callous, loveless procedure that overlooks individual interests and inherent abilities. On the contrary, a higher education system should be geared to filling the gaps left behind by secondary education – being organized to compensate for its shortcomings, to rehabilitate and revitalize unprocessed abilities, and to honor students who exhibit long-term merit in their particular and peculiar interests.

To cut a long story short... here, in the depths of our beloved Anatolia, untainted by demagogy and free from vanity, boastfulness or gimmickry, Cappadocia University offers a unique higher education model that is comprehensive, productive and definitely competitive.

Actions speak louder than words, so may God help us in our mission.

Alev Alatlı
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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