Information Security Technology

What is the Information Security Technology Program? Why Should I Enroll?

As a result of developments in information technologies, the security of web and mobile applications, network systems, and information provided in all kinds of physical and virtual environments has gained importance. Private companies, public enterprises and individually experienced security problems exhibit increase day by day. The main objective of the Information Security Technology Program is to train the qualified and sufficiently equipped workforce needed by companies operating in every field, particularly those involved in information technologies, information security and cyber security.

What Characteristics Should those Wishing to Join the Information Security Technology Program Possess?

  • The ability to think analytically,
  • The ability to come up with solutions to problems,
  • Open to cooperation and teamwork,
  • Open-minded,
  • Efficient communication skills.

Why Should I Join the Information Security Technology Program at Cappadocia University?

Making use of its technical infrastructure, Cappadocia University provides training with the most up-to-date technologies face-to-face with the students enrolled in formal education, and online with students opting for distance education. We produce experienced, talented and qualified graduates who can meet the needs of public enterprises and organizations, as well as the private sector, through the projects realized with students.

In what Fields can Graduates of the Information Security Technology Program Find Work? What are the Job Opportunities?

Students who graduate from the Information Security Technology program can find work in the private sector and in public enterprises and organizations with the title of "technician" as Information Security Specialists, Information Security Technicians, Computer Programmers, System Support Officers, System Security Specialists, System and Network Officers, System Support Specialists, Cyber ​​Security Technicians and Cyber ​​Security Officers. They can work in different positions in many fields in software companies, public enterprises, financial institutions and educational institutions.

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