Aircraft Technology

What is Aircraft Technology Program? Why Should I Study?

It is vital for the aircrafts that the parts that constitute the whole exhibit the highest possible working performance. There are a number of controls, repair and troubleshooting processes that must be performed continuously to ensure this. Qualified employees are needed to perform these treatments, which should be done precisely based on up-to-date data and international standards, using modern methods and techniques. In Aircraft Technology Program, it is aimed to train qualified maintenance and repair personnel at international standards for this need.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Aircraft Technology Program, in other words to be Aircraft Technician should have?

  • To be interested in the aerodynamic and mechanical fields of physics, in addition to aviation,
  • To enjoy tasks that require intensive focusing
  • To be a detailer,
  • To put safety first,
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation,
  • To adapt to diverse working hours,
  • To see relations between shapes
  • To have manual dexterity,
  • To have a sense of responsibility,
  • To love working in the field rather than the office.
  • To be careful and meticulous,

Why should I study Aircraft Technology Program at Cappadocia University?

The aim of Cappadocia Vocational School Aircraft Technology Program is to train the intermediate manpower with a high level of judgment, good hand skills, sufficient knowledge of English, and who can perform aircraft maintenance in accordance with national and international regulations, needed by the industry.

Cappadocia Vocational School Aircraft Technology Program, which is the first and only higher education program in A1 and A2 categories with Aircraft Maintenance Training (147) authority, provides a very different education than its counterparts with three-year hands-on training, vocational - technical English, fully equipped workshops, and real maintenance settings in applications. As a Vocational School, it has been authorized as “SHY-147 Aircraft Maintenance Training and Examination Institution” by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, since 2012.

In addition to theoretical courses, our students receive hands-on training in our fully equipped workshops and real maintenance settings of SHY-145 approved maintenance institutions that we cooperate in education. Our trainings in real maintenance settings enable our students to interact with industry experts and gain a deeper perspective in the real business environment.

What do the Graduates of Aircraft Technology Program Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

After completing their training, Aircraft Technology Program graduates can work as an aircraft maintenance technician in the aviation maintenance-repair industry.

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