Criminal Enforcement and Security Services

What is Criminal Enforcement and Security Services Program? Why Should I Study?

The objective of the program aiming at creating the qualified labor force required by the Ministry of Justice is training professionals with knowledge and skill levels at world standards, who play an active role in the resettlement of prisoners and convicts in closed and open penal institutions and child education houses, and take part in the supervision and monitoring of ex-convicts in probation offices. Students who graduate from this program can also work in the security services in the public or private sector.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Criminal Execution and Security Services Program should have?

  • To be interested in law,
  • To respect human rights,
  • To have physical and psychological resistance
  • To put safety first,
  • To communicate well, 
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation.

Why should I study Criminal Enforcement and Security Services Program at Cappadocia University?

As it is known, a successful career is mainly formed with a good education. But more importantly, this training should be functional in terms of creating a knowledge infrastructure where people can update themselves continuously. Based on this objective, the program courses focus on providing students with the knowledge they will need in the professional field and the scientific, critical and unconventional perspective required to follow current developments. The program includes not only theoretical courses, but also hands-on training aimed at improving students' physical capacities and demonstrating how to use the knowledge they have gained during their education.

Another important issue that is decisive for our students to choose our program is the academic staff of the program. Program courses are taught by academicians with professional experience in criminal enforcement, law enforcement, private security, sports science, law and social sciences.

What do the Graduates of Criminal Enforcement and Security Services Program Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of Criminal Enforcement and Security Services Program opened in line with the protocol signed between the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Criminal and Detention Houses and our University, who have the features defined by the relevant legislation, will be able to work in the institutions of the Penal Execution System with the title of "Correction Officer ". At the same time, our graduate students are entitled to receive Unarmed Private Security Officer Certificate.

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