PhD in Political Science and International Relations

What makes the Cappadocia University Political Science and International Relations PhD Program special is its location in a region that is home to the most significant cultural and historical heritage in both Turkey and the World, and that has a dense network of intercultural relations.

The objective of the PhD program is to help candidates from miscellaneous disciplines, who have successfully completed their Master’s Degree thesis studies, to gain skills in the conducting of sophisticated scientific researches on international issues, and providing them with the ability to conduct valid analyses.

The Program follows a multi-disciplinary approach, providing students with the ability to understand the political, historical, economic and cultural dynamics of different countries and societies. PhD students work in the light of the basic theories and approaches that have been acknowledged within the discipline, specializing in the dynamics, actors and processes associated with national, regional and global politics, and contributing to the understanding and resolution of international problems.

The program aims to produce specialized academicians that can meet the needs of academia, while also providing people with a global vision allowing them to meet the requirements of the public and private sector, as well as local and international NGOs. By specializing in various fields, our students gain the ability to understand and communicate with people from other nations who have different cultures and lifestyles, and develop the necessary skills to take part in collaborations on any subject.

Qualifications for PhD:

1- Students conduct advanced level discussions about the theories and concepts associated with Political Science and International Relations, and create original studies.

2- Students contribute to the field by providing new perspectives with regards to national, regional, and global actors, processes, and dynamics.

3- Besides International Relations, students also focus on other relevant disciplines, including political science, economy, administrative science, sociology, and psychology, and conduct interdisciplinary projects.

4- In addition to the basic theories and information available in the field, students closely follow up new developments, and contribute to creation of a rich and up-to-date literature.

5- Students conduct independent studies on subjects they are interested in or want to specialize in.

6- Students, who work at public or private sector, or in NGOs, reflect their professional and corporate experiences on relevant discussions, and provide new, different perspectives through their original academic studies and projects.

7- Students present their academically formatted oral, written, or visual works that have academic contents to persons and groups through miscellaneous events, and gain the ability to discuss their ideas and observations thoroughly and in a critical manner.

8- Students adopt an open-minded, critical and creative approach with regards to national, regional, and global matters, and contribute to establishing constructive and peaceful relations with the nature and different identities in the modern world.

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