MA in Tourist Guidance (Non-Thesis)

For the past eight years, the growth of global tourism has been outpacing global sectoral averages. Taking a huge slice of that cake, Turkey was ranked 6th and 14th in terms of the number of visitors and the income created, respectively, in the UNWTO 2018 Global Report, as one of the most significant tourism destinations in the world. Tourism is one of the three areas in Turkey prioritized for development, the other two being agriculture and the defense industry. Ranking 6th in terms of the number of visitors, Turkish tourism ranks 43rd on the Global Competitiveness Index. If Turkey is to reach its tourism goals it will need to increase its competitive power, for which a prerequisite is maintaining sufficient highly qualified tourism personnel. Tourist guides play a leading role in Turkey’s efforts to achieve its goals.

The Cappadocia University Tourist Guidance Master’s Degree Program offers students basic classes on guidance, including elements on archeology, mythology, history and geography, while also giving them the opportunity to practice on site. Professional ethics is a particularly significant issue in this field. Students who successfully complete their classes are expected to prepare a graduation project and specialize in a chosen subject.

Cappadocia, as Turkey’s most significant culture tourism destination, provides students with an ideal opportunity to practice on site thanks to the contributions of leading tourism agencies, and they can thus find a position in the sector shortly after graduation. Our academic staff of experienced guides who are actively working on site provide our students with both theoretical and practical knowledge, while also being capable of following up-to-date information easily.

Graduates of the Tourist Guidance Master’s Degree Program obtain a tourist guide license upon the completion of TUREB (Union of Turkish Tourist Guides) regional visits, as defined in the legislation, and after meeting the language requirements.

The Non-thesis Master’s Degree Program is provided as distance education.

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