MA in Audiology (Thesis and Non-Thesis)

Audiology (hearing science) is a discipline that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists work on the evaluation of the hearing system, diagnosis of hearing loss, and rehabilitation for all age groups.

The aim of the Cappadocia University Audiology Graduate Program is to train qualified and competent audiology specialists who would contribute to scientific knowledge of the field and who are highly qualified and capable. We ensure that students have a critical perspective and able to continue developing their scientific thinking skills after graduation.

The program includes courses such as anatomy, physiology, acoustics, electrophysiological tests, hearing aids and cochlear implant (bionic ear), vestibular and balance systems. Graduates of the program get the knowledge and skills to:

  • evaluate the patients in all aspects audiologically,
  • perform the necessary objective and subjective tests,
  • make audiological diagnosis,
  • decide on the necessity of electrophysiological evaluation (ABR-Auditory brainstem response, tympanometry, OAE-otoacoustic emission response and ASSR-Auditory Steady State Response) after their tests,
  • apply amplification to the patient if appropriate,
  • evaluate the patient with vestibular/balance problem,
  • interpret the test results,
  • prepare a special vestibular/balance rehabilitation program for the patient.

Graduates of our Program are awarded the title of “specialist”. They can continue in advanced clinical and academic studies on hearing and balance problems. They can use these key competences they have obtained to perform advanced professional research.

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