English Language and Literature Master’s Degree Program (With/Without Thesis Requirement)

The aim of the English Language and Literature Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University is to present an advanced curriculum updated and developed in the light of the international standards and improvements in British Culture and Literature area. The program intends to raise individuals who has advance critical consciousness, strong self-criticism ability and can produce knowledge about the English language, culture and literature.

With the curriculum presented by English Language and Literature Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University, our students will catch an opportunity to closely follow-up latest improvements from an interdisciplinary frame.

Digital revolution shaping today’s information societies created “convergence culture”. Literature and culture are experienced both in physical and virtual environment with the simultaneously existence of old and new media means. Our academic program is designed to equip our students with the knowledge of visual art adaptations of literature texts like cinema and television and the other various adaptations possible by means of information communication technologies.

One of the points that differentiate English Language and Literature Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University Program is the inclusion of advanced lectures about environment, humanities and “post-human” areas to the curriculum besides traditional British literature lectures for students to follow-up latest academic improvements.

Our university determined to be the center of Turkey for especially environmentalist and humanities approaches developing rapidly in Anglo-Saxon and European academies in last decade, for that reason the “Environmentalist Humanities Application and Research Center” which is the first academic institution of Turkey on this area is officially established on October 19, 2018.

The graduates of the program can contribute information productivity about British Literature and Culture and take their place among the distinctive academicians of Turkey on those areas in case of completion of PhD program.

Application Requirements

a. Having a Bachelor's Degree of English Language and Literature taken from Turkish Universities or foreign universities having equivalence approved by Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK); or bachelor’s degree from one of American Culture and Literature, English Language Science, English Translation and Interpretation or English Teacher Education along with a minor certificate from English Language and Literature or having received at least 12 credits regarding English Language, Literature and Culture, and having been successful,

b. Having taken at least 2.60 general academic average out of 4.00 at undergraduate level,

c. Having taken at least 55 standard points in one of the numerical, verbal or equal weighted points types of the Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) conducted by OSYM or the equivalent of 55 points in accordance with the equivalence set by the Cappadocia University Senate of internationally accepted GRE and GMAT exams,

ç. Having taken at least 80 points from English Language YDS/YÖKDİL exam or a national English language exam whose equivalence approved by OSYM or an internationally valid English exam, which is proven to be valid as of the date of application,

d. For the international student application, in addition to conditions mentioned above, candidates shall satisfy terms and conditions of in the related legislation of the Cappadocia University.

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