Diş Protez Teknolojisi

Dental Prosthetics Technology

An occupation field where art meets technology: Dental Prosthetics Technology.

Dental Prosthetics Technicians are healthcare professionals that assist dentists during every stage of making dental and jaw prosthetics.

Dental Technicians, who are a valuable component of oral and dental health teams, prepare “models” from measurements taken by dentists, sculpt prosthetics, cast them into moulds and make them ready for use.

Since every patient requires a different solution, everything has to be custom-made. Dental prosthetics technician jobs are an extensive field that require an aesthetic vision. It also falls to the dental prosthetics technician to make functional as well as aesthetically pleasing prosthetics.

Program alumni find employment opportunities in dental prosthetics labs in the private sector, and can be appointed to “technician” positions in the state sector as well as opening their own independent laboratories.

Foreign students are accepted into this programme.


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