dil ve konuşma terapisi

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapists are the health professionals who implement therapy and rehabilitation for the disorders under their authority by participating in the preventive programs on communication, language, speech, sound and swallowing health. They are responsible for therapy and rehabilitation planning and implementation of the patients directed by related expert doctor. It is substantially agreed on the necessary basic criteria and qualifications in the world for Speech and Language Therapists to do their jobs. The necessary basic criteria and qualifications and job definitions of Speech and Language Therapists are defined in regulations of Ministry of Health in our country.

Speech and Language Therapy Department of Cappadocia University intends to raise qualified health professionals who can rehabilitate sound, speech and language disorders, focus on details and have critical thinking ability.

Speech and Language Therapists are able to work in public, private and university hospitals, or private education and rehabilitation centers where patients with language and speech disorders are treated. They can establish private centers owned by themselves or they can serve in the centers established by the related experts. The graduates deserving to go forward for academic career are also able to attend the graduation programs of national and international universities.

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