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English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature Department intends to raise individuals having consciousness of foreign language and language proficiency to express their opinions in international platforms.

In department, English writing, reading, comprehension and speech skills of students are aimed to be improved and various periods of English Literature are studied; literary works are evaluated within the framework of their age’s political life and stream of thought by considering.

Studying the English Language and Literature in Cappadocia

With the education from interdisciplinary approach in the Department of English Language and Literature of Cappadocia University, it is intended to provide our students with high level English proficiency, critical and analytical thinking skills, cultural literacy, awareness and benchmarking competencies in the context of both their own communities and Anglo-Saxon world.

In the Department of English Language and literature of Cappadocia University, there are courses to help students to read and understand the culture and literature of the digital age, the relationship of natural environment and literature, and the post-human paradigm changes in today's humanities. Our difference from all other similar programs is to prepare our students for a meaningful university education with some compulsory courses that we will initially give to. With these courses, students are given basic concepts and qualifications in topics such as "Media Research and Adaptation Studies ", "Logic", "Law" and "Time and Project Management".

Another feature of the Department of English Language and Literature at Cappadocia University is that the environmentalist humanities and post-human studies rapidly developing in North America and Europe are currently reflected in the undergraduate program. The "ecocriticism and post-human studies" course was added to the curriculum as a compulsory course.

The subjects of courses in the curriculum are located in a large spectrum ranging from the Greek and Scandinavian mythology to the 21st century literary-cinema adaptations; literature and culture theories to the history of England music and art; and to studying the different historical periods of English literature from the perspective of poetry, theatre, novel and other literary genres.

English language and literature students also have the opportunity to make double major in Psychology, Political Science and Public Administration, Political Science and International Relations, Tourist Guide (associate degree) programs, and minor major in Psychology, Political Science and Public Administration, Political Science and International Relations programs.

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