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Our goal is to raise generations of opinion leaders who can read the 21st century realistically, and whose views therefore carry weight and significance – go-to men and women who are highly knowledgeable in their fields, who are happy to share their knowledge, and who will thus be respected and trusted by others. We hope to achieve this goal through the creation of an academic synergy that radiates from our idealistic faculty and administrative staff and our professional alumni, among which there is an openness to interaction.

Cappadocia University is home to a highly successful dual-pronged system of academic and vocational programs that act in support of each other. The abstract conceptual knowledge demanded by the 21st century is produced in the faculties, while the requisite skill sets are acquired in the vocational schools of our University, exemplified by our students who now work in the field. These former students, having been well equipped with professional skills, today contribute directly to production.

Our aim is to support our students in such a way that they:

  • understand the requisites of our century, and are ready for the tough and competitive business environment,
  • are aware of the opportunities that the contemporary world offers them, and endeavor sedulously and patiently to take advantage of these opportunities,
  • maintain a grasp of the past and are equipped with the skills that they will need in the future, and
  • are always competitive, democratic and participatory.

“Cappadocia University is a leader in the field of vocational education, boasting rich academic and technical expertise.”

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