Speech and Language Therapy

What is the Speech and Language Therapy Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

Language and speech therapists are healthcare professionals who work in the diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation of communication, language, speech, voice and deglutition disorders. Therapists are responsible for planning and implementing the therapy and rehabilitation of patients referred to them by specialist doctors. Language and speech therapy is an autonomous profession that requires interdisciplinary interaction, and duties and responsibilities in this regard are determined by the Ministry of Health. Therapists treat patients in all age groups.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Speech and Language Therapy Department should have?

  • To have effective communication skills,
  • To establish strong human relationships and take control when necessary,
  • To be willing to help people and improve their quality of life,
  • To be careful, meticulous and patient.

Why Should I Study Speech and Language Therapy at Cappadocia University?

The Cappadocia University Speech and Language Therapy Department raises qualified healthcare professionals with the basic theoretical knowledge and application skills required in their field, and who have developed reasoning and problem-solving skills. The Department contains a Speech and Language Therapy Laboratory designed specifically for the execution of applied trainings. Within the facility there are six therapy and observation rooms, a language and speech/basic training laboratory, and a speech disorders laboratory (including acoustic-aerodynamic-renaissance-swallowing tests). Our students can also make use of the Anatomy and Dissection Laboratory and Audiometry laboratory during their education.

What do Graduates of the Speech and Language Therapy Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Language and speech therapists can work in public, private or university hospitals, or in private education and rehabilitation centers, serving individuals with language and speech disorders. They can establish their own private business, and can provide services at the centers they establish together with relevant experts. Graduates seeking to pursue an academic career can continue their postgraduate education at universities in Turkey and abroad.

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