What Is Audiology? Why Should I Enroll?

The term audiology refers to the science of hearing, which covers the diagnosis of hearing loss in babies, children and adults, the selection of suitable treatment, determining an appropriate rehabilitation method, protecting auditory health, diagnoses of disorders associated with balance and dizziness, and rehabilitation practices.

Upon graduation, you can be employed as an audiologist with a high level of awareness of public health that has adopted lifelong learning as a principle.

Why Should I Study Audiology at Cappadocia University?

The Audiology Department has a purpose-designed laboratory in which the practical classes are held. The laboratory contains test batteries used for the performance of audio assessments. The students also make use of the anatomy laboratory throughout their education.

Aside from the occupational knowledge and skills associated with a standard Bachelor’s degree education, students of the Cappadocia University Department of Audiology also take personal development classes addressing such issues as “Time and Project Management”, “Business Ethics”, and “Mathematics and Statistics.”

Students graduating from Audiology can also follow an academic career by enrolling in Masters’s Degree Program in Audiology, and also have the opportunity to do a double major in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Language and Speech Therapy, Child Development, and Psychology, as well as in Physiotherapy (Associate Degree) and Audiometry (Associate Degree), and to minor in such programs as Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Language and Speech Therapy, Child Development and Psychology. Furthermore, by joining our Erasmus Program, they can also expand their education in universities abroad.

What Job Opportunities are Available for Graduates of Audiology?

There is very high demand for audiologists in the healthcare sector. The growing number of hospitals, special education and rehabilitation centers, and hearing aid sales and application centers means a greater need for specialized staff. Graduate of the Department of Audiology may focus on certain branches of the sector in such roles as Pediatric Audiologist, Education Audiologist, Clinic and Rehabilitation Audiologist, or Industrial Audiologist.

Audiologists are employed to work in Audiology Clinics in public, private or university hospitals. Hospitals performing cochlear implant surgeries have a need for both Audiologists and Otolaryngologists. Graduates can also be employed as education audiologists in special education and rehabilitation centers for the hearing impaired, and can provide audio rehabilitation and language development services. In the private sector, they can be employed as a managing director or audiologist in companies selling hearing aids, or can be hired by cochlear implant companies that serve healthcare institutions.

Those looking to pursue an academic career may join Master’s degree programs in Turkey and abroad.

What Personal Traits Do I Need to Study Audiology?

  • Mathematical and spatial thinking skills,
  • Advanced communication skills to allow communication with pediatric and geriatric groups.

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