Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

What is the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a health science field that works to improve quality of life through the application of physiotherapy-specific assessment methods and treatment approaches in cases with dysfunction. The department seeks to raise qualified physiotherapists for employment in a wide range of institutions, such as hospitals, medical centers, sports clubs, elderly care homes, rehabilitation centers, spas and cure centers.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, in other words to be a Physiotherapist, should have?

  • To have effective communication skills,
  • To establish strong human relationships and take control when necessary,
  • To be willing to help people and improve their quality of life,
  • To prioritize patient safety and satisfaction,
  • To be careful, meticulous and patient,
  • To love working in the field rather than the office.

Why Should I Study Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Cappadocia University?

The Cappadocia University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department offers its students intensive applied education as well as theoretical lessons. Students can gain practical experience in the facilities of Cappadocia University, in the Physical Therapy and Healthy Life Research Center and in the businesses with which our University has signed cooperation protocols. Our students can also spend one or two semesters at universities abroad through Erasmus and other exchange programs. Our curriculum is structured to provide our students with full professional competence, while also training them as fully equipped individuals with a foreign language and lifelong learning awareness.

What do Graduates of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation department graduates have the opportunity to be employed in many fields, such as in inpatient treatment centers (university, public and private hospitals), outpatient medical centers, sports and physical fitness centers, prosthesis-orthotics rehabilitation centers, industrial organizations, special education and rehabilitation centers, amateur and professional sports clubs, national teams, elderly care and rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, vocational rehabilitation centers, spas and cure centers, and domiciliary care centers. In addition, graduates can also participate in postgraduate and doctorate programs in universities and become researchers/lecturers.

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