Turkish Language and Literature

What is the Turkish Language and Literature Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

The existence of a nation becomes concrete through its language and literary works, and the Turkish Language and Literature has played a central role in the maintenance and development of this nation’s survival.

In an age where accurate, effective and qualified communication – as an indispensable skill in every field of life – is becoming increasingly rare, studying Turkish literature at a university level, representing written and spoken Turkish in its richest and the most mature form, provides individuals with unique knowledge and advantages.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Turkish Language and Literature Department should have?

  • To be interested in the Turkish world and culture,
  • To love reading and analyzing what was read,
  • To be interested in reading and in various fields of literature such as novel, story, poetry or theater.

Why Should I Study Turkish Language and Literature at Cappadocia University?

In today’s globalizing world, the main objective of the Cappadocia University Turkish Language and Literature Department is to prepare experts with a grasp of the literature, language and culture accumulations of our country as it progresses rapidly toward becoming a regional and global power. Our aim is to instill in our students an awareness of universal values and a comprehensive knowledge of local cultures, ensuring they are open to technological innovation, and possess a scientific research and development awareness.

The Cappadocia University Turkish Language and Literature Department opens the doors of the Turkish-speaking world to its students through Turkish language and literature history. Our graduates are aware of the wide geography in which Turkish is spoken, and can follow and evaluate it with comparative approaches, and are able to read texts written in Ottoman Turkish in the original form that Turks used for centuries, as a starting point for a profession as a fully equipped Turcologist. Our students have educational opportunities at universities abroad through the Erasmus program in Europe, through the Orhun exchange programs of the Turkic Council and through bilateral agreements with the leading universities in the Turkic world. Cappadocia University also prepares its students for the media and publishing sector with four-year innovative programs and courses, including those teaching Digital Language and Literature, Editing and Writing and Script Writing Techniques, and provides pedagogical formation opportunities to students who want to be teachers.

What do Graduates of the Turkish Language and Literature Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of the department can work in written and visual media and in the publishing world as text writers, advertisers, editors, publishers, compilers, programmers, etc., they can host or provide training in courses, and can work as Turkish language lecturers and research assistants at universities. Graduates with pedagogical formation training also have the option of working as Turkish teachers in schools, and those who continue their postgraduate education can work as lecturers in universities.

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