What is the Psychology Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

Psychology is the science of human behavior, in which the mental processes behind these behaviors and the underlying causes are investigated. The complexity of human behavior, interpersonal differences, cultural effects, media effects, biological factors, age-related factors, abnormal behaviors etc. are all subfields of psychology. In addition to the interaction of these subfields, psychology requires interdisciplinary work in interaction with other disciplines, especially sociology, anthropology, neurology and biology. The importance and areas of application of psychology are increasing in our lives as our lifestyles accelerate and become more complicated due to technological developments.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Psychology Department should have?

  • To have effective communication skills,
  • To establish strong human relationships and take control when necessary,
  • To have emotional intelligence,
  • To be willing to help people,
  • To love reading, researching and listening,
  • To be solution-oriented when faced with problems,
  • To be patient,
  • To be self-confident,
  • To apply moral and ethical rules.

Why Should I Study Psychology at Cappadocia University?

The Cappadocia University Psychology Department curriculum provides students with experimental counseling courses and seminars through its experts every semester, organizes conferences and congresses on the subject of psychology, and carries out various other appropriate activities (tests, experiments, drama, photo-matrix workshops). Our students join events and activities to raise awareness among students and the local community every year on special days such as Brain Awareness Day and Psychology Day.

Another distinctive feature of the department is the inclusion of “Media Psychology” as a compulsory course and a “Psychology of the Relationship between Humans, Animals and Nature” course in the age that has followed the Digital Revolution that has also affected psychology. Such compulsory courses are quite rare in other universities.

What do Graduates of the Psychology Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of the Psychology Department can work in ministries and institutions, and in organizations affiliated with the ministries. There are opportunities for employment in nursery schools, kindergartens, children's nurseries and special education centers. In addition, graduates can work in such fields as student counseling and career planning in schools and universities, and in guidance-psychological counseling centers, public and private hospitals, and nursing homes, and in advertising and public relations, industrial organizations, private or public human resources units, social service institutions and research centers.

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