English Translation and Interpreting

What is the English Translation and Interpreting Department? Why Should I Study in this Field?

Translation and Interpreting is a profession that builds a bridge between societies that speak different languages by facilitating written and verbal communication between them, and is specialized according to the application areas. Translators-Interpreters are professionals with a good command of their mother tongue and the languages into which they translate, who know the rules of writing and speaking in these languages, and who have a high level of verbal and academic skill. In this historical period when communication between societies speaking different languages has increased under globalization, the importance of English has gained great importance, and so obtaining a university education in the field of translation and interpreting offers numerous opportunities to individuals.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in English Translation and Interpretation Department should have?

  • To have a certain level of knowledge of English and Turkish,
  • To have general academic and verbal skills,
  • To be interested in reading and in various fields of literature such as novel, story, poetry or theater.

Why Should I Study English Translation and Interpreting at Cappadocia University?

The aim of the Cappadocia University English Translation and Interpreting Department is to train qualified individuals who can evaluate the available knowledge of Turkish language and culture alongside the information contained in classical and modern sources in English, and make their results publically available; and who are able to contribute to the sharing of historical, cultural, scientific, diplomatic, economic, etc. knowledge between English-speaking countries and our own country. Unlike similar departments in other universities, our department features courses related to British and Turkish history, society and culture, courses such as “Sign Language Translation” that will produce unique graduates, as well as the courses involving high-level English skills.

In the Cappadocia University English Translation and Interpreting Department, taking and successfully completing Chinese or Russian courses over six semesters, starting in the second year, is a requisite for graduation. With this approach, it is aimed to provide students with rare and valuable skills such as the ability to translate between Turkish-English-Russian or Turkish-English-Chinese.

What do Graduates of the English Translation and Interpreting Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

English Translation and Interpreting Department graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities, including the ministries in Turkey; international institutions, such as the European Commission; international organizations like the United Nations; international companies and organizations that use Chinese or Russian; simultaneous and written translation agencies; news agencies, private TV channels and news agencies; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the tourism sector; as well as banks, universities, the import-export sector, publishing houses and private translation offices. Graduates of the English Translation and Interpreting Department also have the opportunity to work as English teachers if they receive pedagogical training.

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