Aircraft Avionics

What is the Aircraft Avionics Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

The Aircraft Avionics Department is where the power systems, electrical structures and electronic systems of aircraft are learned about in detail, and the inspection, maintenance and repair of these learned structures and systems are supported by practical trainings based in theoretical lessons.

Aviation, as one of the sectors with the highest growth rates internationally, is the sector that offers the most employment opportunities as a result of the recent investments made in Turkey. Those who want to work in this prestigious profession, in a working environment controlled and managed at international standards, and with opportunities for high income and career development prefer this department.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Aircraft Avionics Department should have?

  • To be interested in the aerodynamic and mechanical fields of physics, in addition to aviation,
  • To enjoy tasks that require intensive focusing,
  • To be a detailer,
  • To put safety first,
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation,
  • To be inclined to diverse working hours,
  • To see relations between shapes,
  • To have manual dexterity,
  • To love working in the field rather than the office,
  • To be careful and meticulous,
  • To have a sense of responsibility.

Why Should I Study Aircraft Avionics at Cappadocia University?

Cappadocia University has been granted an “SHY-147 Approved Training Organization” certificate by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Turkey’s aviation authority, and so offers education with content approved by the civil aviation authority. This comes with the advantage of experience and preferential employment access to students of the Department after graduation. Cappadocia University can also conduct the module exams that are required by authorized technicians, within its authority, and our students can take these exams alongside their education, without having to sit exams at a different location.

In addition to offering education in many branches of aviation for many years, our University aids our students in terms of personal development with its educators who know the aviation culture well and have a wealth of industrial experience.

In the final year of their education, our students are provided with a full-time employment opportunity in a contracted airline company, allowing them to build on their basic education with practice in a real maintenance environment. As a result of the acceptance of this training as basic training experience by the DGCA, Cappadocia University students have the chance to graduate with a one-year advantage and to gain the title of “authorized technician”.

What do Graduates of the Aircraft Avionics Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of the department can find employment in many fields, such as in the aircraft maintenance and repair centers of civil aviation organizations, and in institutions producing aircraft parts, in simulator producers and in the defense sector. After completing the module exams, acquiring a language proficiency and completing their basic training experience, they gain the title of qualified technician, allowing them to carry out maintenance and repair operations on aircraft power systems, electrical components, computers and electronic systems in the maintenance hangars of airports and airline companies. As a result of recent investments made into the aviation sector in Turkey, there is a growing need in Turkish and international airline companies for aircraft technicians. People who graduate successfully from this department can quickly find jobs both in Turkey and abroad.

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