Political Science and Public Administration

What is the Political Science and Public Administration Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

Political Science and Public Administration are two closely related fields that are concerned with the scientific study of political and administrative issues. The Political Science and Public Administration Department deals with the processes governing the distribution of resources and values in the political system. The subjects that the department examines from an academic perspective cover such areas as power, authority, legitimacy, social class, gender, ethnic structure and political participation, and institutions and structures such as the state, government, political parties, pressure groups and international organizations. The department is well-suited to students with an interest in politics, history, reading, questioning the world and interpreting developments in their countries, and provides them with the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Political Science and Public Administration Department should have?

  • To have leadership qualities,
  • To have social and cultural communication skills,
  • To establish effective communication and strong human relations,
  • To be interested in history, sociology, politics and current developments,
  • To love reading, researching and listening,
  • To have a solution-oriented approach to problems,
  • To have the ability to organize business activities
  • To have representative skills,
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation.

Why Should I Study Political Science and Public Administration at Cappadocia University?

The Cappadocia University Political Science and Public Administration Department runs courses with special content, such as Political Anthropology, Political Sociology and the Public Mind Studio, which are taught interactively by lecturers who are experts in their fields. Important concepts related to the field of Political Science and Public Administration are explained to the students in both Turkish and English, allowing our graduates to follow closely literature on important concepts in two different languages. In addition, courses such as Equestrian Training, Management of Cultural Preferences, Good and Effective Speaking, and Media Psychology are offered to students as elective courses, paving the way for the development of students in the social and cultural field.

What do the Graduates of the Political Science and Public Administration Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of the Political Science and Public Administration Department can work as administrative judges, administrative prosecutors, as specialist in the Council of State and the Court of Accounts, as middle and senior manager in all ministries, especially the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs and Finance and the Treasury, and in different units of local administrations, financial institutions and banks. At the same time, there are employment opportunities in many private institutions in positions such as senior manager and general manager. Graduates can go on to join postgraduate and doctorate programs at universities and become researchers/lecturers.

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