Political Science and International Relations

What is the Political Science and International Relations Department? Why Should I Study in this field?

Political Science and International Relations is an academic discipline that studies the theory and practice of politics at a local and international level. It addresses many issues, from the functioning of states and local governments to international problems, from national politics to global politics, and from cultural interactions to the political and social consequences of economic crises. The department is suited to those with vision and an interest in Turkish and global affairs, and graduates can find employment in many different fields.

What are the characteristics that those who want to study in Political Science and International Relations Department should have?

  • To have social and cultural communication skills,
  • To establish effective communication and strong human relations,
  • To be interested in history, sociology, politics and current developments,
  • To love reading, researching and listening,
  • To enjoy traveling and getting to know different cultures,
  • To adopt a solution-oriented approach to problems,
  • To be inclined to learning a foreign language,
  • To have representative skills,
  • To be inclined to teamwork and cooperation.

Why Should I Study Political Science and International Relations at Cappadocia University?

In the Cappadocia University Political Science and International Relations Department, courses with special content covering various regions in the world, such as Continental Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, the Far East, Africa, the Anglosphere, etc. are given interactively by lecturers specialized in their respective fields. Foreign languages are extremely important for our department, and so English is provided at advanced level, while students are also offered the opportunity to take a second foreign language course. Important concepts related to the field of Political Science and International Relations are explained to the students by our faculty members in both Turkish and English, allowing our graduates to follow closely literature on important concepts in two different languages.

What do the Graduates of the Political Science and International Relations Department Do? What are the Job Opportunities?

Graduates of Political Science and International Relations Department can work for the state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing our country abroad in the positions of first secretary, consul, consul general and ambassador as they advance their careers. Graduates of this department have been employed by all ministries and governmental agencies with special departments for international interactions.

In recent years, private sector companies have started to employ graduates in positions requiring expertise in international systems, international trade, international politics, foreign policy, political science and foreign policy analysis. Graduates will gain the opportunity to work in numerous international organizations, such as the European Union, the Turkic Council, the European Security and Cooperation Organization, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Economic Cooperation Organization, as well as the international organizations operating under the umbrella of the United Nations. Many multinational companies prefer graduates of this program for their overseas operations.

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