Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate Exchange programs?

Eligible students who are enrolled in a full-time programme of study at Cappadocia University leading to a degree or postgraduate qualification. The required conditions should be provided by candidate student. Preparatory and distance education program’ students cannot apply for Exchange mobility programs.

What are the required conditions in order to apply for study mobility?

Exchange programs have different preconditions. Each academic year, Calls are published at announcement. Please visit the webpage regarding your interest:

Erasmus Program                    Orkhun Exchange Program                  Other Mobility Offers

Where can a student go for study or intern mobility?

Factsheets on the implementation of Erasmus+ in its 33 programme countries, published January 2020. Monthly grant amounts for country groups for outgoing students are given in the table below:



Monthly Grant Rate for Study

Monthly Grant Rate for Traineeship

1.&2. Group Program Countries

UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, South Cyprus, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece.



3. Group Program Countries

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.



May I get a grant to study or intern mobility?


The Erasmus program provides mobility funding to contribute towards, such as living, travel expenses, and language preparation costs. It is not covered for all expenditures during mobility.

The Orkhun program provides flight and accommodation contributions depend on the agreement between institutions. It does not financially support, just cover traveling and living needs.

When is the mobility grant for Erasmus program paid?

The first instalment of the mobility grant (80%) is paid within 30 days within the signed Grant Contract. The second instalment (20%) is paid within 30 days of submitting the Confirmation of all Mobility documents and the EU participant's survey.

Will I have to pay a tuition fee to host institution?

It is a condition of exchange programs that participating students are not charged fees (for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities etc.). However, small fees should be charged such as insurance, the use of photocopiers, laboratory products, and living & traveling cost are belongs to students.

Which forms must I have to fill and delivered?

It differs based on mobility programs. The main documents for all are the Learning Agreement, Certificate of Attendance, Survey, Copy of Passport, Visa, Flight and Insurance.

Who is my academic coordinator and what is the role of the departmental coordinator?

The primary function of the Departmental Academic Coordinator is to ensure the efficient organization of all academic matters pertaining to the students' study placement within their specific academic areas. The following activities and tasks: giving advise students on suitable destinations, review, advise on, and approve students' module choices by signing the Learning Agreement, before and during the mobility.

To find your academic coordinator, please click.

Which travel documents I need?

Passport, Visa, Health Insurance and Tickets.

Which type of Insurance should I get?

Students are strongly advised to take out private medical insurance to cover the period of study abroad. However for internship mobility, besides health insurance, liability and accident insurance coverage must be done.

If I have any problems during mobility; with housing, selection of courses, integration, etc. What should I do?

First of all you should contact with academic coordinators in the Host University and KUN. If you find the response unsatisfactory, please contact and whatsApp no: +90 538 931 4909.

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