Faculty of Architecture Design and Fine Arts

The Cappadocia University Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts seeks to raise well-equipped individuals with an understanding of art, culture and creativity, who can make historical and theoretical comparisons of these subjects, and who can contribute to the design of a livable environment.

We aim to impart into our students universal and local cultural values, as well as knowledge of the value of our global heritage and the common social memory, ensuring posterity through artists and the arts. To this end, it is necessary to raise versatile, flexible, humanitarian, democratic, participating, creative and enterprising individuals who seek to develop their knowledge and skills continuously; who are self-confident, inquisitive and critical; who discuss, analyze and make decisions accordingly; who contribute to the production of artistic-scientific information on local and global scales; who are sensitive to the environment; and who have a full awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

The global construction sector requires experts for whom the creation of quality housing and sustainable urbanization is their primary goal, although preserving the existing historical and cultural fabric of our world and raising awareness of their importance also bear significant importance. For all these reasons, there is constant demand for professionals who are educated in an applied manner and who are capable of coming up with practical solutions to the problems they encounter.

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts has developed a curriculum that aims at the creation of urban and spatial models in accordance with the requirements and circumstances of different societies. Our goal is to raise architects, city planners, environment designers and creative art designers who can work in multi-disciplinary teams while preserving historical, cultural and environmental values.

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