Abbas Farhad (Iraq)

My name is Abbas Mohsin Mohammed Sadeq Farhad from Iraq. I'm studying in the Anesthesia Department at Cappadocia University. Cappadocia is a quiet and beautiful place. And I'm happy to study at Cappadocia University. After that, I am planning to study Medicine and I want to provide humanitarian aid for all people.

Adidja Nkundwanabake (Burundi)

My name is Adidja Nkundwanabake. I am studying Political Science and Public Administration Master Degree program at Cappadocia University. After graduation, I have a lot of plans. But I will probably choose the most practical at that moment 😊 I prefer Cappadocia University because it is a good University with a friendly environment. In fact I am not social person but I am happy to be here. I suggest that “just be confident, believe themselves and focus on your goals” to everyone.

Zhansaya Temirkhan (Kazakhstan)

My name is Zhansaya Temirkhan. I’m from Kazakhstan and I am an exchange student at Cappadocia University. Cappadocia University is a partner university of Al- Farabi Kazakh National University and one of the very modern universities. I am doing my masters on two foreign languages at my home university. Here I am studying at the Department of English Language and Literature. I think Cappadocia is a good university from all aspects and my friends would be happy to know about such kind of university. It is a great university located in a unique place of Cappadocia, where you can not only get highly qualified knowledge but also enjoy the priceless environment and get inspired by it.

Sertac Senan (Netherlands)

Hello! My name is Sertac Senan Yesildaglar from Netherlands. I am a student in Cappadocia University 1st Class Dental Prosthesis Technology.

The reason why I've chosen this university is it's an very nice place to study here. A lot of historical places around the location and the school is an historical building itself. You can see every building is made of yellow brick stones with its amazing architecture. The landscapes here are also beautiful called "peribacalar" which are tiny little mountains shaped by water million years ago. I have enough materials and equipments to study my profession in the University's labratory as an Dental Technician Student. My teachers are very experienced as well. They teach us everything about our profession, how the Dentistry sector works and how important it is for an Dental Technician. It's an very bright profession for the Dentistry Sector because a lot of Patients are in need of Prothetic Treatment and there are a lot of Dentists in wait for Dental Technicians to proceed this treatment for their Patients.

I am very happy to study in this university. I can advise Cappadocia University to all my friends who wish to study here in Turkey. Our University is very nice, you have many possibilities to do here at this school. They'll help you however they can. After my graduation, first I want to work in a Dental hospital for some years and then I wish to open my own dental lab and work for my own business. As social events I like to go abroad to different countries, cities and learning their culture, food etc.

I wish all the students good luck and wait you in Cappadocia University!

Aksaule Konysbek

I’m Aksaule Konysbek. I am at Cappadocia University as part of the academic mobility program.

There are many reasons why I chose this university. First of all, before coming here we were pleased by punctuality and responsibility of the university staff. Also the location and historical sightseeings attracted us. Now whilst we are here we are glad with a cheerful atmosphere, hospitable university, and very welcoming people. This is exactly an unforgettable experience for me. If you come to Cappadocia University, you probably do not want to leave it.

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