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Welcome to Cappadocia University and welcome to the city of CAPPADOCIA. You decided to be part of one of the youngest and active universities in Turkey. The main strategy of Cappadocia University is to become a distinguished university which continuously enhances the quality of its work in the fields of education, research, environmental issues, entrepreneurship, and international recognition for scientific achievements. In order to implement an international cooperation project within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, we study on all conditions we should comply.


Cappadocia University was established directly according to Turkey's economic development goals and the objective of the school was therefore to equip the students with high level of contemporary economic abilities suited for the needs of the business world. The same mission and vision have been adopted by the university.


We wish a wonderful academic and cultural experience at Cappadocia.


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Cappadocia is located in an area at Central Anatolia. There are many ways to get to Cappadocia depending on where you’re coming from. Cappadocia has two airports Nevsehir Kapadokya and Kayseri Erkilet. By plane, it takes about 1 hr and 15 mins to fly from Istanbul. There are direct flights daily from Istanbul (Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen) to either airport. Very reasonably priced airport shuttle bus services operate between both Cappadocia airports. If you have booked your accommodation the easiest solution is to ask your school or hotel to arrange an airport-shuttle pickup for you, though be aware that some hotels beef up the price of shuttle transfers ridiculously. You can also book directly with the shuttle-bus services. Several companies run nightly intercity bus from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Adana, etc… to Cappadocia too.



There are two types of accommodation facilities in our university. One is a dormitory type and the other is apartment type for girl and boy students. We have a big dormitory for girl students at our main campus in Mustafapaşa. Our rooms are for three residents. Each room has its own bathroom, bed and clothes wardrobe, a library and a television. Accomodation includes Bed and Breakfast, internet, electricity, water, laundry, twenty four hour security, canteen and cleaning services.


List of social activities at Cappadocia University:

1 Sports

2 Student Communities

3 Academic societies

4 Seminars and Conferences

5 Volunteer events

6 Free Dance Courses

In each campus has a cafeteria and well-designed restaurant. Very reasonable priced hot meal or snack bar is available.

Wifi & Internet access in Turkey is also easy to find everywhere (restaurant, intercity bus, university, cafeteria…etc).




Score Grade Grade Predicate

90-100 AA 4,0 Successful

85-89 BA 3,5 Successful

75-84 BB 3,0 Successful

70-74 CB 2,5 Successful

60-69 CC 2,0 Successful

55-59 DC 1,5 Successful depending on GPA

45-54 DD 1,0 Successful depending on GPA

40-44 FD 0,5 Unsuccessful

00-39 FF 0,0 Unsuccessful

0 FZ 0,0 Attendance requirements not fulfilled


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