Urban Environments and Local Governments Master’s Degree Program (With/Without Thesis Requirement)

Urban, Environment and Municipal Administrations Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University aims at raising academicians, public officials and private individuals having special interest, who assess the social, political, economic and environmental results of urbanization, know the duties and responsibilities of municipal administrations in this area and are sensitive to the environmental and ecological problems.

Program evaluates the reasons and environmental results of urbanization on local and global scales; deals with urban history and culture, urban sociology, urban architecture/urban design etc. and the roles of municipal administrations in these areas.

With the economic progress, a process parallel to developing countries was prevailed in Turkey; the population migrating from rural to cities constituted the main dynamic of urbanization. After the urbanization gained momentum in the 1980’s when the economy liberalized, in 2008, the total population rate of urban population reached 75%, reaching the total population rate of the rural population identified in 1927 census. The rapid immigration of rural population to the cities results in urbanization prone to sociocultural problems hosting excessive, “fake”, health and infrastructure drawbacks. In the light of all that progress, the number of academic researches regarding to urban studies has increased; architectural history, assessment of urban location from architectural view, sociocultural studies of urban people, studies regarding to environmental problems have gained momentum. Similarly, municipal administrations have become primary subjects of academic studies with their increasing importance in solution of those problems. Urban, Environment and Municipal Administrations Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University contributes satisfying the academic knowledge productivity needs of Turkey in these areas.

This interdisciplinary program presents a flexible structure allowing planning according to the lifelong education needs of students coming from political science, public administration, international relations, city and district planning, architecture, environmental engineering, and geological engineering.

Application Requirements

a. Having Bachelor's Degree from Turkish Universities or foreign universities having equivalence approved by Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK) in Economics and Administrative Sciences, Political Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Humanities, Science and Literature, Architecture and Engineering Faculties, City and District Planning, Sociology and Law departments,

b. Having taken at least 55 standard points in one of the numerical, verbal or equal weighted points types of the Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) made by OSYM or the equivalent of 55 points in accordance with the equivalence set by the Cappadocia University Senate of internationally accepted GRE and GMAT exams,

c. For the international student application, in addition to conditions mentioned above, candidates shall satisfy terms and conditions of in the related legislation of the Cappadocia University.

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