Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü

Turkish Language and Literature

The presence of Turkish language and literature departments for the development of individuals who are aware of their own language and literary values and who are aiming to transfer this consciousness to the subsequent generations is of serious importance in our country which has intense young population. The existence of a nation is embodied only by the presence of language and literary works. In the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Cappadocia University, students are aimed to learn Turkish language, literature and culture by adding various disciplines from past to present.

The main purpose of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature of Cappadocia University is to raise experts who possess scientific R&D consciousness; understand the accumulation of literature, language and culture of our country rapidly advancing towards becoming regional and global power in today's globalizing world; are familiar with local and universal values; make encounters with other modern Turkish dialect; are open to technological innovations.

The graduates of the department can operate in written and visual media and publishing world as copywriter, publicist, editor, publisher, redactor, programmer, etc., and be an announcer or teacher in announcer courses. In addition, he is able to work as Turkish language lecturer or research assistant in universities.

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