Radiotherapy technician works as part of an important team in conjunction with radiation oncology doctors and medical physics specialists. He is a medical professional who has been treating the region determined by physicians and medical physics specialists and preparing the patient for this treatment.

Cappadocia Vocational School Radiotherapy Program, within the instructions of oncology physicians aims to educate responsible technicians who do imaging in the diagnosis phase, follow patients in the treatment process, perform maintenance and simple repairs of radiotherapy devices, care professional ethics.

In Radiotherapy Program theoretical and practical courses such as, radiologic anatomy, physiology, radiobiology, medical terminology, biochemistry, clinical oncology, radiotherapy physics, radiation safety and radiation protection, radiotherapy devices, radiotherapy imaging methods and applications methods and applications are given.

Students who finish the radiotherapy program are awarded with an associate degree and the title of "Radiotherapy Technician" or "Radiation Oncology Technician".

The graduates of the program can work in the state, university and private hospitals with the Department of Radiation Oncology, treatment institutions of Health Ministry, private clinics and policlinics. Cappadocia University cooperates with the Ministry of Health, Health directorates, public and private health institutions and the Association of Radiotherapy Technicians for the teaching activities, employment opportunities and planning issues necessary for the program.

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