Political Science and Public Administration (With/Without Thesis Requirement)

Formal Education Master’s Degree Program with Thesis and Distance Education Master’s Degree Program without Thesis

The aim of Political Science and Public Administration Master’s Degree Program is to create a free ground for academic assessments and theoretical debates regarding consequences of present political practices in our country and world, and to raise public administrators and academicians, who know how to find and learn truth, have ability of planned thinking and creation, and can develop hypothesis covering whole by evaluating administrative science, public science, legal and environment notions together in that ground.

Different form other Master’s Degree programs, Political Science and Public Administration Master’s Degree Program provides two separate areas of specialization, one of them being oriented towards the “Political Science” and the other one “Public Administration”. In this direction, besides the elective course pool formed specially for the ones deserving doing academic research by strengthening theoretical infrastructure of political science, a separate elective course pool containing specialized courses for public administrators is formed. The attendees of program graduate with the qualifications that can only be gained in PhD programs in many education institutions.

Our education program as in all developed countries has a flexible structure allowing planning according to the lifelong private education requirements.

Be Equipped with the Knowledge of World

Political Science and Public Administration Master’s Degree Program intends to provide studying with the most up-to-date information and knowledge. At the present time, to do qualified graduate studies parallel to the international studies in political science and public administration requires participating discussions in different areas by having knowledge of those different areas. Our master’s degree program includes the curriculum and course contents covering all details in that subject. Our academic staff following latest discussions of political science and public administrations area in our country and world reflect these debates in their lectures. The intellectual debate environment formed in University of Cappadocia presents a privilege to the academicians and administrators of future.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The academic studies in Political Science and Public Administration have close relations with the areas like community science, psychology, social psychology, political psychology, political history, time and project management, business administration, human resource management and law. Our master’s degree program brings an innovative understanding to Political Science and Public Administration with interdisciplinary approach by using the accumulations of those areas.

Experts to Guide Contemporary Era

The rise in the problems of societies in the present day increases the demand of managers of our age who produce solutions for those problems. Our master’s degree program aiming at raising candidate administrators and academicians for public institutions/foundations and private sector has a flexible education program for the people working in these institutions and foundations. In our master’s degree program, with the expert academic staff and education including high level discussions, specialization in every area of political science and public administration is provided. Our master’s degree program provides students to go towards the areas in which they desired to be specialized.

The students of Cappadocia University Political Science and Public Administration master’s degree program graduate as the experts equipped with the necessary skills to be the leaders who find efficient solutions to the problems faced in various levels of community, participate and monitor intellectual debates.

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