Political Science and Public Administration

The objective of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is to raise politicians and public administrators of the future. Political Science and Public Administration are two closely-related fields which deal with scientific studies of political and administrative matters. The discipline of political science studies the distribution processes of sources and values in the political system. The subjects handled by the department covers such areas as power, authority, legitimacy, social class, social gender, ethnic structure and political participation as well as institutions such as the state, government, political parties, pressure groups and international organizations. Areas of interest of the department include such political ideas as political justice, democracy, moral values and equality.

The discipline of public administration studies the processes of decision and policy making in an administrative system. The discipline is generally considered as executive power of the states and deals with organization, management and application of public policies on the level of local and national administrations. Therefore, the discipline covers programme management (planning, decision-making, organization, management, application and assessment) and resource management (human resources management and budget).

Political science and Public Administration have a common feature in that they focus on public areas of human societies. As public policies are formed and executed by political powers, public administrators cannot overlook political environment. Similarly, politicians cannot overlook public administrators as public policies are implemented by public administrators.

Political science and Public Administration is an interdisciplinary department that help us understand the political, social and economic changes that occur on national and international scale. This department enables us to gain new perspectives that make it possible to broaden our horizon and understand the inside story of the events pertaining to the above-written matters that we encounter in our daily lives. It prepares us to become conscious, logical and effective citizens who understand the transformations occurring in Turkey and the world better and be more productive participants today. The department of Political Science and Public Administration equips us with the knowledge and skills required to be professionals in any public field.

Political Science and Public Administration degree can be used in many areas. Any job that relates to the public area entails the knowledge and skills gained by a bachelor’s degree obtained in this field. People who are entitled to this degree may find the chance to pursue a career in many different fields in public and private sector. They can work in medium and high positions in private and public institutions such as the State Planning Organization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, various departments of local administrations, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, finance institutions, banks and the media. It is also possible to pursue a career in the academic world by obtaining master’s or doctorate degrees in Political Sciences and Public Administration.


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