Fizyoterapi Programı


As the population grows older especially in the developed countries, the demand for physical therapy increases. Parallel to the developments at home, the number of physical therapy units, cure centres, wellness-spa centres grows.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people come ot be possible to Turkey for therapy as a result of the prospering therapy tourism. The profession of physiotherapy technician was defined in 2012 and the minimum training requirement is the associate’s degree. It will not be possible to employ health personnel below that degree in the physical therapy centres following the regulation.
The program aims at training assistant health personnel to apply physiotherapy or rehabilitation for the pains and functional disorders caused by injury, disease, orthopaedic disability, movement system disorders and various illnesses.

The practical studies in this trimestr program are carried out in the practice classes and in the local physical therapy units, mainly Özel Versa Hastanesi, our program sponsor.

Foreign students are accepted into this programme.


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