Beslenme ve Diyetetik

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nowadays with the understanding of “quality of life is as important as living”, the reconsideration of definition of “being healthy” from a larger perspective has increased the demand for the dieticians. Nutrition and Dietetics Department intends to raise dieticians studying food, nutrition practices and their effects on public health. The program gives theoretical and applied education about the effects of nutrition on growth and development of various age groups, feeding during sickness, process of healthy and balanced diet for catering systems, assessment of nutrition - health relation etc.

Studying Nutrition and Dietetics in Cappadocia University

In Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Cappadocia University, the students are given communication and computer skills, Turkish and advance English education besides basic medicine sciences, basic history, basic presentation and statistics, humanitarian and professional ethics education by presenting professional theoretic and hands on training/education.

In applied courses, students have opportunity to do one-to-one applications in the laboratory specially designed for Nutrition and Dietetics Department. Students can also use Anatomy and Dissection Laboratory and Genetics Laboratory. At the same time, application areas of associate degree program of Culinary and undergraduate program of Gastronomy and Cuisine Arts contribute positively to the education dynamics of Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

In Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Cappadocia University, there are “Time and Project Management”, “Professional Ethics”, “Mathematics” and “Statistical Basic Concepts” courses that support their education besides standard undergraduate education and professional skills gained regarding specific area. The curriculum of department having prolific application area is updated continuously in the light of science. Nutrition and Dietetics students have an opportunity of making double major in Gastronomy and Cuisine Arts and Culinary (associate degree) departments, and minor major in Gastronomy and Cuisine Arts, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Child Development and Psychology. In addition to that we offer the international education in foreign universities in many countries by Erasmus Program.


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