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Culinary Arts

The culinary arts program educates cooks who know advanced cooking techniques, Turkish and world cuisines, and manage kitchen organization and food costing. With being both a pleasant job and a high-income source, cookery stands out as one of the leading occupations among young people nowadays.

"The art of cooking is learned in Cappadocia”

The Program is given totally in three semesters per year, two periods at the Uchisar Art campus, one period at workplace. Workplace applications are carried out in Turkey's leading tourism enterprises within the application training program determined by our university. Workplace applications provide our students with the opportunity of recognizing leading businesses and chefs in the sector and gaining a real culinary experience while studying.

Thanks to our corporate supporters, our students take trainings from the experts of each subject with seminars and take their first steps to the profession with the fair and qualified applications. They have the opportunity to recognize and introduce themselves to the leading organizations and names of the sector before graduation. The duration of the training is two years, application trainings can be also given outside of Nevsehir. Students who successfully complete the program are given an associate degree in culinary arts.

Award-Winning Cookery Program

Culinary Arts is one of the oldest programs of the Cappadocia Vocational School. In its 12-year history, our program has raised many chefs who are serving in important gastronomy centers in Turkey. Known for having the most award-winning cookery program in gastronomy competitions, Cappadocia Vocational School focuses on the practical training required by the culinary profession with its fully equipped training kitchen and expert instructors. In this way, our students successfully represent our school in national-international competitions.

Intensive Application Training

The culinary arts program provides the application trainings in the fully equipped kitchens located in Uçhisar Art campus. The campus has three training kitchens, a pastry kitchen and a service application area; each student is offered the opportunity to practice on the individual work bench. Cappadocia University Culinary Arts program is the most focused program on culinary applications in cooking education with 68% ratio.

Experienced Instructor Chefs

Our application trainings are given by our chefs who have enriched their academic education with the national and international sector experience and have announced their name in the field of gastronomy. Our chef instructors, who are the first graduates of the Cappadocia Vocational School Culinary Arts program, are providing high quality education to our students as well as excellent role models.

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