Child Development

With the discipline doing studies on providing healthy environment and increasing the quality of life for children, it is aimed to raise professionals who serve the child, family and community with child health development tracing programs by evaluating the child on mental, language, motor, self-care, social and emotional development areas.

Studying Child Development in Cappadocia University

In Child Development Department of Cappadocia University, it is targeted to give students communication and computer skills, Turkish and advance English education besides basic medicine sciences, basic history, basic presentation and statistics, humanitarian and professional ethics education by presenting professional theoretic and hands on training/education.

Child Development Department of Cappadocia University is an implementation intensive department with its rich course content. There are Montessori Kindergarten Schools in Ürgüp and Nevşehir attached to Child Development Research and Application Center embodied in Cappadocia University, where students make their professional application studies supporting their certificate programs. Our students graduate by taking “Certificate of Montessori Approach to Early Childhood Education” which is popular in Europe and our country thanks to “Montessori Preschool Philosophy” and “Montessori Education I-II” courses in the curriculum. Child Development Department provides its students with starting the job with different and richer skills in comparison with their peers by presenting practice opportunity in Montessori Schools and Montessori Certificate. In addition, our university gives opportunity of doing various researches, projects and scientific studies in Child Development Research and Application Center to our students.

Furthermore, there are “Time and Project Management”, “Professional Ethics”, “Mathematics” and “Statistical Basic Concepts” courses that support their education besides standard undergraduate education and professional skills gained regarding specific area. The curriculum of department having prolific application area is updated continuously in the light of science. Child Development students have an opportunity of making double major in Psychology and Sociology Services (associate degree) and minor major in Psychology. In addition to that we offer the international education in foreign universities in many countries by Erasmus Program.

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