Çocuk Gelişimi (Önlisans)

Child Development Associate

Within the scope of educational reform it is aimed to scale up the rate of schooling to 100%, and while the pre-school education is continuing, it is believed that the demand for education assistants will be increasing exponentially in the short term.

The aim of the program is to train “child developers” equipped with theoretical and practical education programs supporting all development areas (mental, language, psycho-motor, social-sensual, self caring)for normally developing children and those in need of special training in 0-6 years, able to influence the child, family and society.

Our students  are being  taught  classical methods in child education as well as the Montessori Method  in our Child Development Practice Centre functioning for this purpose, and graduate as expert educators  with acquired knowledge in skill-based educational approaches and with good command of pre-school foreign language teaching methods.

Our graduates are employed as pre-school educationalists in nurseries and day care institutions, as group educationalists in special care and rehabilitation centres, as child developers under SHÇEK and clinics functioning under Ministry of Health, as designers in child publications and the toy sector, as pre-school educationalists in big touristic establishments such as holiday villages, sports complexes, child clubs, as expert teachers in private schools and paid trainers in  state schools.

Foreign students are accepted into this programme.


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