The rapid improvements in today’s electronic and computer technology affect the electronic performances of aircrafts designed. The advance technology and equipment of aircrafts which provides fast and safe transportation increases the importance of well-educated and qualified personnel working in that area. Because of that reason, Avionics Department intends to raise individuals, who possess the knowledge of electronic systems applications like navigation, communication, radar, flight control and can make maintenance and repair of electronic devices of aircraft.

In Applied Sciences School of Cappadocia University, there are workshops of structure, engine, electric-electronic and maintenance and also computer laboratories approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation for the purpose of education and research. In Avionics Department, education is given in compliance with SHY-66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Regulation and SHY-147 Aircraft Maintenance Training and Exam Institutions Regulation and a perfect education environment is created for the in-class and on the job training. Besides within the context of SHY-147 regulation, the B2 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (avionics) category education authorization is also obtained.

Within in the scope of cooperation about employment and education with Pegasus Airlines, our students get their education in the premises of Pegasus Airlines. Thanks to SHY-147 authorization of Cappadocia University, the students get a chance to complete bachelor’s degree by entering module exams given by the Cappadocia University during their education and start their career one step ahead by completing the 1 year of the experience necessary for license in school.

What is authorized training in aviation?

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