Audiology Master’s Degree Program (With/Without Thesis Requirement)

The aim of the Audiology and Speech Disorders Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University is to contribute science productivity in audiology and speech disorders areas by presenting an advanced curriculum updated and developed in the light of the international standards and improvements in these areas; to raise qualified and competent individuals who can present the knowledge and information he/she gets for the benefit of science and humanity and has knowledge on national and international scale.

Knowledge productivity in health sciences requires strong self-criticism ability besides advance critical consciousness. Audiology and Speech Disorders Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University primarily targets to have the students with developed the scientific thinking abilities. A high-level skill gaining education program for the students will be presented.

The program intends to have graduates who can make audiological assessment of the patients from all aspects, do necessary objective and subjective tests, diagnose audiological the patients and provide guidance to patients for amplification when necessary, decide the necessity of making electrophysiological assessment after the tests (ABR-Auditory Brain Stem Responses, tympanometry, OAE-auto acoustic emission response and ASSR-Auditory Steady State Response); assess all the tests results together; can make amplification if suitable; assess the patients with vestibular problems, implement necessary tests, evaluate the test results and prepare private vestibular rehabilitation programs for the patients.

The graduates will be raised as scientists who have the knowledge of assessing the speech disorders and implement the techniques of therapy, can plan and execute academic studies.

The graduates of Audiology and Speech Disorders Master’s Degree Program of Cappadocia University will be graduated with the title of “scientist”; be experts on clinic and academic studies about audio, speech and language, sound and balance problems and gain ability of using their acquired qualifications and doing professional research and practices.

Application Requirements

a. Having Bachelor's Degree from Turkish Universities or foreign universities having equivalence approved by Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK) in Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology, Neurology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Linguistic or being graduated from any of minimum 4-year audiometry undergraduate completion programs approved by Institute Board,

b. Having taken at least 55 standard points in one of the numerical, verbal or equal weighted points types of the Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) made by OSYM or the equivalent of 55 points in accordance with the equivalence set by the Cappadocia University Senate of internationally accepted GRE and GMAT exams,

c. For the international student application, in addition to conditions mentioned above, candidates shall satisfy terms and conditions of in the related legislation of the Cappadocia University.

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