Uçak Teknolojisi

Aircraft Technology

Candidate to being one of the important centres in the world in civil aviation maintenance services area, Turkey is in need of qualified aircraft maintenance technicians.

Being the only authorized program in Aircraft Maintenance Training (147), Cappadocia Vocational College Aircraft Technology   program  offers its students  three semesters of practical education in an academic year , professional-technical English, fully equipped work shops, and real maintenance medium in training,  which is quite different from programs alike.

The duration of Aircraft Technologies associate program is two years. The program also offers one year English preparatory school as prerequisite.

During education, the students are trained in areas as Basic Aircraft Knowledge, Basic Electrics, Aircraft Maintenance Applications,  Basic Electronics, Earodynamics, Aircraft Structures and Applications,,  Aircraft Systems and Applications,, Piston Engines and Applications,,  Electronic Displays and Systems, Gas Turbine Engines and Applications, Aircraft Displays and Propellers as well as professional-technical English, and practical trainings are given in Cappadocia Vocational College training workshops and maintenance,repair  and operations establishments.

Our graduates are employed in the aviation maintenance-repair sector as aircraft maintenance technicians after completing their studies.

Foreign students are accepted into this programme.


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