Staff Mobility



Name of Institution : Cappadocia University

Erasmus Code : TR NEVSEHI03


Cappadocia University is of opinion that the staff mobility between partners has a positive and strong effect on the internationalization of higher education institutes. We are always welcome either teaching or non-teaching staff visitors, according to the rules of the Erasmus+ Program.


In order to visit Cappadocia University, the visitor should send an email to the including purpose of visit and Cv.


Guidelines for incoming teaching/training staff:

  • A valid Erasmus Inter-Institutional Agreement(IIA) for Teaching Mobility.
  • For Training Staff Mobility program, IIA is not needed but the Mobility rules should be arranged by Erasmus+ Program.
  • The teaching/training staff must apply to the Erasmus office at the home institution to take place in the program.
  • The staff should get in touch with the departmental coordinator he/she wishes to visit.
  • An official letter of invitation must be prepared by the hosting departmental coordinator and sent to the teaching/training staff.
  • After the mobility at Cappadocia University, the host department must prepare a Letter of Confirmation comprising the activities of the teaching/training staff during the mobility.

Mobility Agreement

A Mobility Agreement sets out the programme of teaching / training to be followed and is approved by the staff member, the sending and the receiving institution / organisation.

Mobility Agreement for Teaching

Mobility Agreement for Training


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