Bologna Process

ECTS has been used in our university since 2011 when it was made mandatory for all HEIs with the local credits legislation no.6111. Local credits are not given up but used together with the ECTS for practical reasons such as calculating teaching loads f the teaching staff. There haven't been any out-going mobility students so far. However, provided there are incoming or outgoing students, adaptations can easily be made by comparing the course aims and outcomes and allocating the credits of the courses taken. These are compared and the ECTS of the course/training abroad is adopted or the current ECTS is used instead.

As far as training mobility activities are concerned, there is a compatible ECTS credit for the activity which is recognized and shown in the transcript of the student as part of the Diploma Supplement.


Bologna/ECTS Information

Search for the courses offered from the above link. We would like to draw your attention to that language of instruction is generally Turkish. You can see the language of instruction for each course, under the “Programs” menu. Courses offered in English are also indicated on “list”. For detailed information, you can contact also the departmental coordinators or Erasmus Office.

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